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Honesty, Integrity & Experience

Our Mission & Values

To provide a quality, professional and eco-friendly automotive paintless dent removal service. Our fulfillment comes from knowing that our customers have received the best value and that every vehicle has been treated with the same care as we would our own. Our guiding values we use are honesty, integrity, and experience.

How We Will Do It

Impressing our customers with exceptional repairs and great service is something we thrive on! Therefore we will always make sure you understand our process, the pricing and expected results before we start. Our transparency will ensure that we always act with integrity. Furthermore, we value honesty to our customers and each other.

We aim to continually provide the highest possible value of service. This is why Anything But Paint is committed to ongoing training, tool upgrades and continuous improvements. Accordingly, we strive to say faithful to industry best-practices.  

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Since 2018, Korey has been an ARC Certified PDR Repair Master Technician. ARC Certified is a not for profit organization based in the US. They use an expert peer panel to confirm a technician’s abilities to remove complex damage at a professional standard.

In 2022, Korey achieved a Master Craftsman certification through Vale Training Solutions. The Vale testing process uses 3D image scanning equipment. This technology measure’s a technician’s ability to perform high quality repairs during a timed evaluation. 

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To inquire about All-City Dent Repair services, please fill out the form below. Since each dent is unique, the more information you can give us about your damage, the better.

If you wish to attach some images of your dent, please take a few pictures from both straight on and 45 degree angles to highlight the dented area and the surrounding panel.